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ERICSSON GH688/788 MUSICBOX 1.0b3 - Cosmos Software
    So.. You're tired of pressing those buttons on your cellular? Well, here's the solution.. The GH688/788 Musicbox! ;-) Here you can copy&paste from webpages directly into the editfield and listen to the music before you use it on your phone... very handy..
    As you can see this is still a beta release, and a new improved version will be available soon. If you find any bugs, please mail me at and describe the problem.

Known bugs:
- The temp$$$.wav and note$$$.wav files are not created in some cases, and that means no sound..
- I removed the buggy "click-removal" routine, but now the sample "clicks" sometimes..
- The sound-routines are to slow, I need to look into the DirectSound thing to make it faster i think..

What's coming in next version?
- A "Program-your-phone-easy" function ;-)



- First very lame release


- Changed name ;-)
- New interface
- Many bugs removed
- Optimized the sound-generate routine a bit
- It is now possible to save the songs for later usage (Presets)


- Keypad now works
- Added some buttons to the interface
- Some bugs was eliminated
- New sounds (should be more accurate


If you have any suggestions, improvements etc feel free to drop me a mail at

The Author:
Espen Grimsgaard
Cosmos Software

 Dengan program ini kamu bisa merancang nada di  ponsel ericsson  kamu, penggunaan-nya cukup mudah cukup klik tombol-tombol yang seperti piano tersebut (warna putih & hitam menghasilkan musik yang berbeda....


Untuk nada atau irama yg panjang klik "long" (kalo tanpa mengklik long maka nada misalnya B akan tertulis "b" saja yang berarti nada B yang pendek kalo mengklik "long" maka nada B akan menjadi "B" berarti nada panjang...


     Setelah selesai kamu dapat menyimpannya atau segera memindahkan ke ponsel ericsson-mu dengan cara menulis kembali not-not yang tertulis di display ERICSSON GH688/788 MUSICBOX 1.0b3 ke ponsel-mu.


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